Terms & Conditions – Please Read Carefully

 These terms and conditions are provided as an agreement between the ‘Provider’ – Clockwork Entertainment and the ‘Customer’ – Party Organiser. Herein, the Provider refers to Clockwork Entertainment and the Customer as to the person/s responsible for the party.


The Provider does not claim to be associated with any copyrighted or name brand character.  The Provider does not wish to violate or infringe upon any copyrighted character, and any resemblance is purely coincidental. All clients booking a service with the Provider must be in acceptance that our characters do not represent any licensed copyrighted characters or their stories.


Every package includes travel expenses for a 20-mile radius (MK41 8EE)

We cover Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire & Essex. For venues over a 20-mile radius of St Neots, there will be an additional charge of 30p per mile.

The Provider must be informed about parking, if it's not free then a further charge will be applied.

Furthermore, the Provider includes time for traffic, however, we do not hold any responsibility for delays arising from;

  1. Road Traffic Collision
  2. Extreme Weather Conditions
  3. Means Beyond Out of Control

On The Day

The party entertainer will arrive approximately 10 minutes before the start of the party so they can set up the music and games.

For the party, it is important that there is enough room for lots of games and dancing.

The Provider kindly asks that you could set up an area with a plug socket and a small table for the music player.

Max guests for 1 Entertainer = 20

The Provider requires a booking of at least 6-8 weeks in advance to ensure the date and time.


The Provider requires a £50 upfront deposit to be paid upon booking. The deposit is non-refundable if any equipment is damaged or the party is cancelled (The Provider will move the party to an alternative date where applicable).

Outstanding payment must be paid 1 week before the party, failure to do so will result in cancellation.

The deposit can be taken via bank transfer or cheque.

The remaining balance is to be paid no more than 1 week before your booking



Customers can contact the Provider at any time via phone, email or via the website to book their desired package.

Once all the details are confirmed then the Provider will send a booking form and at which point, the deposit is required to be paid.

Confirmation of Booking

The booking with the Provider is only confirmed once the Provider receives the non-refundable deposit has been paid and the booking form has been received. The remaining balance will be due one week prior to the party. Failure to pay will result in the cancellation of your party.

Cancellation And Rescheduling

Should the Customer cancel the party, the Provider is unable to refund the deposit. If the Customer is no longer able to hold the event on the booked date, the Provider will do their utmost to reschedule the party to an alternative date.

Change Of Time

The Provider will attend your event at the time that is on the signed booking form. Should the time change (subject to availability), a new booking form must be signed and completed. The Provider will only attend an event at the times agreed prior to the booking.

Change of Performer

The Provider will book the performer requested and do their utmost to keep this, however, the Provider has the right to change the performer attending the party/event due to unforeseen circumstances.

Child Numbers

There is a limit of twenty children to one entertainer to ensure the party is manageable and provides the best experience for the Customer. The Provider has the right to stop entertaining if numbers exceed the maximums.

Glitter Tattoos

If the package includes glitter tattoos, it is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure no one is allergic (Glitter Tree Products).

Joint Parties

If the Customer would like to book a joint party, please inform the Provider upon booking. There is no additional charge.

Travel Expenses

All party prices include travel expenses for a 20-mile radius (from PE19 8AB). If your venue is further, there will be a charge of 30p per mile.

Please inform the Provider, when booking the event, if there is a safe place to park which is free of charge.  If parking is chargeable, this additional expense is paid by the client/customer on booking.

Please note: The Provider allows some additional time to allow for traffic, however, the Provider does not accept any responsibility for excessive delays incurred such as road accidents, extreme weather conditions and any other means beyond our control.


The Provider appreciates that the Customer may recognise the entertainers personally but the Provider politely requests that this is not mentioned to the attendees. The Provider is in an amazing business, of making dreams come true for children. When parents work with the Provider, this enhances the most magical experience for the children.

Event Conditions

If at any point the Provider’s performer feels unsafe or threatened they reserve the right to leave the party immediately and no refund will be offered.

Please ensure the working environment for the performer is positive and safe. (Examples of threatening environment include swearing, children throwing objects at our performer, children hitting our performer, drunk and disorderly behaviour, unsanitary working conditions, smoking in close proximity to our characters, rudeness or disrespect towards the character etc.)

If the party is outdoors, please make sure that there is plenty of cool shade for the performer since they are wearing heavy costumes. The area must also be free of thorny bushes, mud, or standing water. The Provider’s characters will not be allowed to stay outside if there is even light rain. For this reason, the Customer must have an inside location planned as a backup.

The Provider cares about the safety of your children and guests - there must be a responsible parent or adult present at all times to monitor and oversee all children. The Provider’s priority is in entertaining the guests – the Provider’s characters will not be able to discipline children who are misbehaving and will not be able to handle medical emergencies. The Provider’s performers and our company are not responsible for any injury or damages that may occur at your party.

Pictures & Video

The Customer is more than welcome to take pictures and videos of all the Provider’s characters. All we ask is that the Customer credits us (Clockwork Entertainment) and bear in mind that we are NOT associated with any big company or brand.